Crazylines Games

Crazylines is a simple but addictive board game. The goal of the game is to arrange your cards (animals, monuments, events) based on criteria chosen at the beginning of the game.

Crazylines Games

Five modes of play, including two multiplayer.

Up to four players on the same device.

60 cards in the free version. And 150 cards in the full version!

11 playable characters, all beautifully drawn.

A game for all ages which allows you to learn while having fun.

Crazylines Animals

  • Play according to four criteria: size, weight, speed, and the life span of animals.

  • Do you know which can run fastest, the lion or the African ostrich?

  • Which is the heaviest, a gnu or a bottlenose dolphin?

Card Animals 01 Card Animals 02

Crazylines Events

  • Order events according to their start dates.

  • Do you know if the cotton swab already existed during the Civil War?

  • If the condom was invented before or after the typewriter?

Card Events 01 Card Events 02

Crazylines Monuments

  • Play using two criteria: the date of construction and the height of the monuments.

  • Do you know if the Eiffel Tower is larger than the Statue of Liberty?

  • If Big Ben was built before or after the Arc de Triomphe?

Card Monuments 01 Card Monuments 02

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