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Nessie Odysseus Sea Snake

Nessie Odysseus: Sea Snake

Help Nessie to find his parents in this modern and fun game!

  • Nessie Odysseus: Sea Snake is a Snake-Like game with a cartoon design on Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows Phone.

    Set off on an incredible odyssey around the world with Nessie in a story mode containing over 110 levels. Many bonuses will be available, as the Scottish bonnet or medieval helmet to help you against your enemies: crocodiles, sharks or the terrible Kraken.

    In addition to the story mode, discover the modes Story + (which allows you to restart the adventure with a new gaming system), Arcade (which allows you to endless play the levels unlocked in Story mode) and the Codex which allows you to learn more about the places and characters encountered in the game.

    Appszoom Expert's Review: "An overhauled Snake, suited for children and casual players, spiced up with some quality features."

Logo Nessie Odysseus


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